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11 octobre 2019

Booking Message: Here's how your customers describe their experience in your business:

Dear partner,
Thank you for contributing to the success of this high season!
Which season ! As the frenzy of summer fades away, we are pleased to share with you some of the results we have achieved together.
You have welcomed travelers from 6 countries
Here's how your customers describe their experience at your facility:
We appreciated the attentive reception of Valérie, who is constantly showingListening and provides advice on the walks, activities and tips of the region (Barthes de l'Adour, privileged beaches ...). The room is very nice, clean, very functional with bedding and adapted equipment.
The swimming pool is ideal to relax after the excursions. The breakfast with fruit juice and homemade jams reflects the attention reserved to guests. All conditions are met for a successful stay ... without fuss or flourish, without TV or urban nuisance. Thank you !

Thank you for all your messages