Use of the swimming pool: The swimming pool is not supervised.

As part of the French regulation on the use of family swimming pools open to guests (objective: to avoid accidents to which children are victims) and in order to allow a harmonious use, this pool regulation was developed ..
The owners remind all their customers of the lack of monitoring of the pool
Since swimming pool is a family pool, its use is reserved only for the family members of the owners and the guests staying in bed and breakfast.
Any child, unaccompanied by a parent, is not allowed to access the pool area. The use of the pool by children is under the full supervision and responsibility of their parents.
The pool is a family pool, its use is reserved only for family members of the owners and people staying in bed and breakfast and tourists.
Pool users commit themselves:

totake a shower before bathing and avoid bathing after using a cream or sun oil.

access to the pool area shoes sandals adapted to this use (no shoe city).

to use a jersey reserved for bathing only .

not to bring food or drink.

the pool area is open to guests: from 10h to 12h, and 15h30 to 18h

For other times, ask the owners,

N o liability for failure to use for swimming.

all users of the swimming pool must be covered by a civil liability defense and recourse insurance.

the owner, on repeated breaches of one of the articles, may withdraw the authorization to access the pool area that he has previously granted without compensation of any kind.