Dax the City

Dax Well being
T he Health & Well-being sector is in the DNA of our territory, Alzheimer Village, physiotherapy and nursing schools, and of course, Hydrotherapy.
For several years, thermal establishments have been offering mini-cures and wellness stays.to enjoy the beneficial warm waters, by the day, over a weekend or a week.
To get back into shape gently, or just to have fun and relax, the offer is rich in Dax: " Sport / Health" activities , fun pools, whirlpools, massage institutes ...
The regenerating virtues of Dax thermal water and mud.

Dax La Feria
Five days and five nights of celebration, music, laughter and sharing throughout the city! The Feria, the Dacquois would not miss it for the world, and the novices, barely setting foot in Dax, become faithful. . Because it is very difficult not to succumb to the ambient joy! Women, men, children, elders, friends and families, all meet there, adorned in red and white, to the sound of brass and percussion. bandas, for the largest popular and festive gathering in the Landes

It all begins with the unloading, on the banks of the Adour, of horses, boats, chariots and Roman legionaries to celebrate the past of the City in the time of Acquae Tarbellicae (Water of the Tarbelles). When the keys are handed over to the feasts on the forecourt of the town hall, the jubilant crowd enters a feria.

Live concerts, folklore and world music in parade in the streets, bullfights, Landes races and other shows at the arenas, local gastronomy over a drink in the peñas and restaurants, duck fishing and rides ... there is bound to be something for everyone tastes !So at the big final fireworks display on the river, misty eyes are already looking towards next year ...
The best moments of 2019

Les arènes de Dax - Landes feu-artifice La Feria de Dax animations-enfants bal-musette

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